Elastrac™ 专业舒适安全带 – 延伸织带机腿带

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Elastrac™ 专业舒适安全带 – 延伸织带机腿带 - Elastrac™ Comfort Pack for TRACTEL® Harnesses

Elastrac™ Comfort Pack for TRACTEL® Harnesses

Tractel® creates the new generation of harnesses combining comfort, durability and safety:

- A harness much more comfortable than standard harnesses.
- Increased ease of movement thanks to the Elastrac™ straps controlled extension.
- Right balance in between the strap flexibility and rigidity thanks to the proven concept of the Elastrac™ case.
- Elastrac™ strap lasts up to 10 times more than standard elastic straps.
- The case cannot be broken if used normally.
- Elastrac™ strap much more resistant to climatic and chemical aggressions than standard elastic straps.
- Increased security: control of the harness extension in case of a fall: +/-12 cm with a mass of 100 kg.

Other technical data of Tractel® harnesses:
- Mountain leg strap with sub-pelvic straps.
- Independent leg strap for improved shoulder mobility.
- 2 Elastrac™ cases.
- Complies with EN 361 standard.
- Patented concept.

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Tractel® harness models equipped with Elastrac™

表 - Elastrac™ Comfort Pack for TRACTEL® Harnesses
Elastrac™ 专业舒适安全带 – 延伸织带机腿带 - X-PAD Comfort Backrest for your TRACTEL® Harness

X-PAD Comfort Backrest for your TRACTEL® Harness

The X-Pad option makes the harness easy to slip on with optimum comfort for the wearer.

The other advantages of X-PAD are:
- Sufficient stiffness to hold the harness in shape.
- Very light weight for increased comfort.
- Good ventilation to avoid sweat bath effect.

The X-PAD is equipped with two loops (closed with quick release buttons) intended to attach lanyards or any other accessories when not in use. Its original shape enables it to adapt to the harness and to the body of the user.

This comfort backrest can be mounted for minimum orders of 30 items on all of our harnesses not provided with the X-PAD initially (including those equipped with Elastrac™ units). Its implementation can only be done at the Tractel SAS factory.

The X-PAD is a comfort accessory which does not change the technical characteristics. It is not subject to any fall prevention standard.

For ordering the X-PAD you are kindly asked to indicate both the code of the harness to be equipped and the code of the X-PAD. The minimum quantity is 30 items.