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For the easier application of personal fall arrest equipment, Tractel offers fall arrest system combinations in the shape of kits, which are aligned perfectly for the respective work. The product range of Tractel furthermore encompasses a number of accessories, e.g. bags or cases, to store fall arrest devices.

The accessories provided by TRACTEL® encompass products like bags or cases for the storage of fall arrest devices.

Accessories - Backpack


- 20 litre canvas backpack
- 30 litre canvas backpack
- 60 litre canvas backpack

Backpack 20l050992
Backpack 30l20812
Backpack 60l20822
Accessories - Cloth pocket bag

Cloth pocket bag

- Zip fastening
- Size : 400 x 290 x 20 mm

Pocket bag11942
Accessories - Cloth shoulder bag

Cloth shoulder bag

- Zip fastening
- Size : 430 * 310 * 150mm

Shoulder bag10542
Accessories - Tripode canevas bag

Tripode canevas bag

- Zip fastening
- Size : 1900 * 290 * 290mm

Tripod bag31572