Suspended Platforms with Roof Cars

Tracks on the roof Special features

Advantages of a Roof Car

  • Flexible access to most vertical building surfaces.
  • Optimum solution for building heights from 15 m to above 300 m.
  • Does not disturb façade aesthetics.
  • Quick and safe access to the façade.
  • Double controls from the turret and from the cradle.
  • Comfortable horizontal movements without leaving the cradle.
  • Can be made completely invisible when in parking position.
  • Optional window lifting with additional hoist.
  • Ergonomic and roomy 2 man platform with optional 1 man platform.
  • Optional façade restraint system for building heights above 25 m.

Common Characteristics of all Roof Cars Installations

  • Machines CE certified and conform to the European standard EN 1808.
  • Welded assembly, hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Motorised slewing turret standard on most machines.
  • All the motors, electrical cabinets and commands are IP 55.
  • Tirak™ traction lifting hoist.
  • Single jib with slewing spreader bar.

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Compact machines
  • Crossing over high parapets
  • Adjustment to the facade
  • Reduced gauge widths
  • Can be used on concrete rail tracks
Mast machines
  • Light-weight machine with counterweights attached to jib
  • Only available on rail tracks
  • Suitable for very long jibs