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Blocstop™ fall arrest device

For man riding applications a protective secondary safety device is mandatory. For this use Tractel offers the BS and BSO Blocstop™ products. In response to the most strict safety regulations, they can easily be attached to most fittings. The «TIRFOR®» jaw-type unit fitted inside the Blocstop™ closes onto the safety wire rope and as the jaws grip over a large area causes no damage to the wire rope.

The Blocstop™ is a fall-arrest secondary safety device which, when fitted to an appropriate wire rope, can be used in conjunction with almost any lifting equipment.

Basic models :

- Blocstop™ Manual BS
- Blocstop™ Overspeed BSO
- Double Blocstop™ Overspeed BS/BSO

The hand operated Blocstop™ BS is the perfect device to be used to hold or restrain loads during lifting and pulling applications.

The overspeed Blocstop™ BSO is used as a secondary brake, which is required as a safety device on suspended platforms for man riding applications. The BSO can be mounted either on the main suspension wire rope or a separate safety wire rope.

Blocstop™ :

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Tractel® Blocstop™ BS / BSO / BSA