Blade Maintenance Platforms Blade Maintenance Platforms

For easy exterior access to the blades of the wind turbines, our Blade Maintenance Platforms assist in the inspections and maintenance of the rotor blades, making the job easier and more cost effective. These platforms are engineered systems that are customised to individual blade geometries. The Blade Maintenance Platforms reduce the use of expensive cranes and save time on required maintenance by offering optimum working positions, which give 360-degree access to blade surfaces. With state of the art operating controls, the blade maintenance platform is able to adjust mid-air to various blade sizes as it moves along the length of the blade. Our platform is constructed with lightweight material, making it easy to transport from site to site on a trailer by service vehicles. The technical design of Blade Maintenance Platforms is patent pending.

Temporary Access Inspection Platforms

The lightweight, quick rigging and easily portable TRACTEL® modular platforms are designed to provide quick temporary access for inspections of the wind blades and wind towers. These inexpensive platforms are easy to assemble and can be configured into a work cage, which makes these temporary access inspection platforms essential.

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