Material Handling Hoists

Material Handling Hoists

TRACTEL® can provide many options for all your material handling needs. We offer a variety of manual and electric hoists, as well as load control devices for all your lifting needs. The Griphoist® wire rope winch, BRAVO™ and Tralift manual chain hoists provide load capacities up to 20 tons. TRACTEL® also provides light-weight, durable electrical chain hoists.

For motorised applications, the TIRAK™ and MINIFOR™ were built specifically for lifting and pulling a wide variety of applications, providing unlimited wire rope length capabilities that can be either directly, pendant and/or radio controlled. These hoists are ideal for onsite applications, making them economically cost effective compared to heavier drum winches or cranes.

To prevent overloading the hoist, TRACTEL® provides the DYNASAFE™ overload control device. This device is used in construction, inspection and lifting applications where overloading the hoist is a concern.

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