TRACTEL® distributors

What TRACTEL® provides for its distributors :

  • Material handling and lifting equipment
  • Load measurement and monitoring devices
  • Suspended Working Platforms and
  • Fall Arrest Safety Equipments
  • A vast range of spare part components.


The great majority of these products are produced in Europe and North America, at the highest possible quality standards thanks to 60 years of manufacturing know how.

Supply is available directly from TRACTEL® warehouses across the world or via a network of over 8,000 distributors located in over 120 countries. This very diverse group of distributors is composed of industrial, building material and safety distributors across the globe.

Tractel’s broad product range provides a unique opportunity for distributors seeking added value across a variety of business to business sectors such as :

  • Manufacturing such as automotive and transport, mining, glass, chemical, raw material production, steel fabrication and assembly
  • Energy: Oil rigs, nuclear, solar and wind energy
  • Elevator installation equipments
  • Access to silos
  • Construction
  • Building and bridge maintenance
  • Telecommunication
  • Armed force mobility.


Through a dedicated sales force and sales agents around the world, TRACTEL® can provide its distributor with state of the art training programs and problem solving sales tools such as its Load measurement software.

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