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Dynafor™ - MWX+


- Load indicator equipped with permanent hanging ring and hook with safety lever.

- Optional wireless remote instrument reading.

- DYNAFOR™ MWX+ and MWX+ TR are a part of the crane scale product range. They are specifically suitable for the quantification of hanging loads (Lbs) in industrial environments.

- Precision: 0.1 %

- Available models from 1,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs.

Technical data | User instructions

ModelsStandardAvec lecture à distance radio (Code)Avec lecture à distance infra-rouge (Code)
MWX 0.5 t989799911999049
MWX 1 t989899912999059
MWX 2 t989999913999069
MWX 3.2 t990099914999079
MWX 5 t992999931999309
MWX 6.3 t990199915999089
MWX 12.5 t990299916999099
MWX 25 t990399917999109