Senior Roofcar

Senior Roofcar

The Senior Roofcar is designed for all high-rise buildings over 490 feet (150 m) and specifically where access is difficult due to façade design features.

The Senior Roofcar incorporates the most advanced features and functions and can be fitted with fixed or telescopic masts which allow it to pass over high parapets or obstacles on the roof.

With its two sets of Tirak® hoists it reaches working heights of up to 1000 feet. Senior Roofcars are custom designed to provide complete access to your unique design requirements.

Standard Features :

  • Traversing of rooftop track.
  • Maximum height up to 1000’.
  • 2 to 4 piece telescopic boom with reaches up to 130’.
  • Hydraulic powered telescopic mast with maximum height of 30’.
  • TIRAK® hoisting package, recognized throughout the world as the most reliable hoist available.
  • Cross boom available from 6’ to 20’.
  • TRACMOD® platforms available from 6’ to 36’.
  • MAGTRON™ wireless control.
  • Slewing of turret and spreader bar for optimum positioning of the TRACMOD® platform.
  • Features based on design requirements.
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