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Pallet truck  

The product range of pallet trucks has been designed for the everyday movement of loads across the floor.

The Hi-lift pallet truck provides all the normal functions of a pallet truck as well as being able to raise the load to work bench height. For transport of a load using the Hi-lift pallet truck, the load must be as close to the level of to the floor as possible.

For the day-to-day movement of loads.


- pioneer pallet trucks are strong, safe and easy to use.
- Control lever with three positions (lift, neutral, lower).
- P.U. (polyurethane) steering wheels and rollers requiring minimum effort to move.
- Bearing greased for life.
- high duty hydraulic pump with chromium-plated piston.


- The steering wheels and fork rollers have a polyurethane tread giving a good load capacity and requiring minimum effort to move.
- The hydraulic pump control lever has three positions (lift - neutral - lower) and is well protected inside the rounded handle of the steering column which automatically returns to the vertical when released.
- Mechanical stop to protect the pump from overloading.
- The complete frame is protected by a double coating of acrylic paint applied after sand blast treatment.

Table - Pioneer™-PALLET TRUCK