Specifications 11014

Simply answer the questions on the building maintenance equipment being used and configuration methods below and receive custom specification for use on your project.

Project Name: *
City: *
Location: *
Building Height: *
Please indicate the Building Façade Maintenance Equipment being used
Building Maintenance Unit (Roofcar) and Platform: * Yes No
Davit Systems (Powered and Manual):
          Powered Davit System (D2C): * Yes No
          Manual Davits: * Yes No
Powered Modular Stage Platform: * Yes No
Outriggers - Pushouts: * Yes No
Exterior/Interior Rolling Gantry/Ladder: * Yes No
Monorail System: * Yes No
Will the roof tops have a 42” high Parapet or handrail: *
(Travsafe - Horizontal Lifelines - if "no")
Yes No
Tieback Anchors: * Yes No
Drop Thru Rigging Sleeves: * Yes No
Pull Under Brackets: * Yes No

While this program does create a unique specification based on the parameters listed above, it is not possible to foresee every circumstance upon which a specification is being developed for. Please contact Tractel if further information or clarification is required.