Tieback anchors

Standard U-bar tieback

Tieback anchors

When securing building maintenance systems, including outriggers and Boatswain's chairs to buildings, our range of safety tieback anchors provide the code-regulated level of safety required ensuring problem-free equipment use.

Safety tieback anchors can also be used as lifeline anchors for personal fall protection. With a separate independent lifeline, rope grab, lanyard and body harness, the safety anchor becomes a principal component in a safety lifeline system.

Flush mounted tieback

We have a range of models to suit any building and budget:

• U-bar models: the standard U-bar safety tieback anchors are the economical solution for securing safety lifelines or equipment lines for fall protection and suspended work;

• Flush mounted models: an ideal solution when no protrusions on the roof are permissible;

• Wall mounted models: when tieback are required on roofs where waterproofing or flashing is not an option, Tractel® Ltd.'s wall mounted U-bar tieback anchors provide a simple, inexpensive solution.

Wall mounted tieback

Tractel® Ltd. tieback anchors are designed to meet applicable safety codes, including OSHA, CalOSHA, ASME/ANSI, ANSI/IWCA I14.1 and CAN/CSA-Z91-M90.

Modern architecture can even defy the ingenious design of standard Tractel® Ltd. machines. Our technology and know-how adapt very well to non-standard solutions. Nevertheless, the earlier the access problem is addressed, the less complicated and expensive the solution will be.

Technical data

Technical Data