Evacuation & Rescue

Evacuation & Rescue Evacuation & Rescue

DEROPE™ – Controlled Descent Device

The DEROPE™ was developed for evacuation and rescue purposes applicable to heights or confined space situations. The method of the DEROPE™ is simple and safe, with one end in use during evacuation, whilst the other end rides up into position for the next evacuation. With the simplistic nature of the DEROPE™ and its uses, training knowledge retention proves high in comparison to other traditional rescue methods.

In rescue operations the DEROPE™ can evacuate a person from high elevations, in a controlled descent using a centrifugal brake. If it is not possible to bring a person down, then the evacuation can be done on a positioned angle between 30 and 60 degrees on a cableway, tagline or up with the hand crank.

TRACTEL® provides a complete range of protective rescue equipment such as harnesses, rope grabs, lanyards and many other accessories for your personal or group rescue needs.

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