Fall Protection

Fall Protection Fall Protection

"Safety" is TRACTEL®'s primary concern when working at heights. Our range of fall protection equipment offers the appropriate apparatus for access, working and rescue applications specific to the wind industry. We offer harnesses that provide comfort and freedom of movement, and are designed for those who spend the majority of their time working at heights.
TRACTEL® offers a range of fall protection products such as the FABA™ rigid rail ladder safety system, BLOCFOR™ self-retracting lifelines and STOPFOR™ rope grabs. The BLOCFOR™ provides freedom of movement to the worker performing their job, while automatically locking the rope in the event of a fall. The STOPFOR™ rope grabs offer hands free travel, while providing fall protection from the nacelle. FABA™ can be installed onto existing ladders or can be supplied with a ladder to provide a complete fall protection system.

TRACTEL® also offers permanent horizontal and vertical steel wire rope lifeline safety systems that provide workers with a complete fall protection solution.

With worldwide presences, TRACTEL® will meet your code requirements for all fall protection equipment.

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