Service Lift Service Lift

For optimum access to inside the wind turbine nacelle, TRACTEL® has developed a Service Lift (Access Cage) to save service personnel the effort of climbing a ladder inside the mast. The Service Lift is powered by a TRACTEL® TIRAK™ hoist.

The TIRAK™ hoist is the most durable and reliable traction hoist in the world. This light weight, quiet, man-riding traction hoist was specifically designed for use with suspended working platforms and service lifts. The adaptation of the TIRAK™ into the service lift means you get a proven reliable traction hoist, which requires a minimum amount of space inside the lift and is approved for man-riding applications worldwide.

The Service Lift is designed to move up and down along a wire rope, which is anchored to the mast of the wind turbine. The Service Lift can be controlled either from the cabin or by external controls. The lift has built in safety features including three separate braking systems (with overspeed protection), upper and lower safety switches, emergency descent systems, and is guided by a ladder or two-rope system that prevents the cage from rotating and/or swinging. The power supply can be adapted to meet individual requirements and the service lift can be retrofitted to most existing installations.

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