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FABA System AL2 -MOBIL & MOBIL-F - Temporary vertical access, aluminium  

The AL2 MOBIL and AL2 MOBIL-F Systems are temporary solutions. These two devices are based on the "standard" AL2 system technology. For a minimum of 2 people and recommended for heights not greater than 12 metres.

The FABA™ System AL2 MOBIL

Safety ladder for temporary use on various structure types. The fasteners that accommodate the ladder are permanently fixed.
In the standard version, wall and post clamp brackets are supplied for the posts.

The FABA™ System AL2 MOBIL-F

Designed for access to posts or masts with a circular cross-section. The fasteners are pre-installed on the ladder sections and provided with fastening straps to enable the ladder sections to be tightened and positioned directly on the post or mast.

- Dimensions rail profil (H-shaped) : 48 x 65 x 3-6mm
- Material : Anodised aluminum
- Design : Ladder with a central upright or with additional side upright
- Spacing in beetween stops : 70 mm
- Spacing in between rungs : 280 mm
- Rungs : Straight, inserted and set on the back of the rail
- Ladder width : 414 mm
- Supplied in managable lengths of : 2800, 2520, 2240, 1960 and 1680 mm
For AL2 Mobil-F :
- Supplied in managable lengths of : 1960 and 1680 mm
- Maximum distance between fixings : 1680 mm
- Characteristics of connectors : Automatic release of the upper end stops when fitting the next Ladder section.

Système AL2 MOBILSystème AL2 MOBILSystème AL2 MOBILSystème AL2 MOBIL-FSystème AL2 MOBIL-FSystème AL2 MOBIL-F