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Tralift™ TS

Tralift™ TS


Tralift™ TS hoists are motorised chain hoists. They are used to lift loads. The device is designed for permanent installation on a jib crane, underneath an overhead crane, or on motorised or non-motorised trolleys. The device is directed by a control box.

It exists in a single or three phase version with high duty factor adapted to hard working conditions. A range of products is also available on demand for specific needs in the food sector (stainless steel) or VLLH (Very Limited Loss of Height) and we are able to provide special versions adapted to your needs for minimum order quantities (depending on the version requested).

- Radio remote control
- Tropicalisation
- 60 HZ version
- IP 65
- Special paint
- Direct command

ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST IN VERSION 1 Bm, 1Am and 2m according to FEM. Other duty cycles available upon request.
Capacity: from 60 kg to 5000kg.

- Adjustable top and bottom limit switches
- Safety low-voltage control
- Emergency stop
- Friction-type load limiter
- Power supply voltage 230 or 400 V, Three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz. Other tension available upon request (ex: 380V-60HZ)